5 management qualities good managers possess according to YEC and how Sanskriti University helps you achieve that?

The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an organisation comprising world’s most promising young entrepreneurs, has laid down 5 qualities of a good manager which are essential for the success of any organisation. It is a well known fact that every company needs good managers who have enough knowledge not only about their micro environment like company’ structure, stakeholders, goals and mission but also about their macro environment like government policies, country’s economic and political conditions likely to affect their businesses. They should also have sufficient theoretical knowledge about different management principles laid down by different researchers and theorists so that they can have a theoretical suggestion to every challenge they come across in their business. Last but not the least, in today’s world when everything is digital,they should be tech savvy who know the ins and outs of the technology industry and not just the basic stuff like using Microsoft office for making Presentations and data sheets.

At Sanskriti University, we endure that the above mentioned qualities are instilled in all our graduates. Our course curriculum has all the right modules which make them adept in analysing the any company’s micro and macro environment and make the right strategies for the long term and short term growth of their organisation. We also have partnerships with research paper databases so that they can write research papers which clearly analyse and criticise present management theories for better understanding of those theories. Furthermore, we hold regularworkshops, presentations and projects to make our students more interested in the new technical innovations happening all over the world.

In this article, however, we will talk about the inner super qualities/values which all managers should have as recommended by the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs.

  • 1. Effective decision making: We see that regularly we face dilemmas in our life where we get confused every time we have to make a decision no matter in not so important situations like deciding a place to eat or important situations like deciding which college to choose. While running a company, a manager too has to deal with extreme difficult situations like choosing where to invest the funds and deciding who to promote or hire for the important tasks which can later shape the future of the company. A manager, therefore, should be someone who can analyse each and every situation correctly and take the right decisions for its company. He should be able to read the available information easily to take faster decisions.
  • 2. Team work: A manager has to face many situations where he will have to work with his subordinates on various projects. While working in a team, he will not have to work like a boss but as a leader where he knows the strengths and weaknesses of all of his teammates and shouldassignwork accordingly. He should also make a detailed plan and should continuously track the progress according to that plan. He should be kind and should show empathy towards his teammates and should always be ready to help if any of the team member gets stuck in his work.
  • 3. Character: It is really important that the all the stakeholders- employees, customers and investors trust your character. You should have integrity in your dealings and should stand by your words. A manager is the face of the organisation. So he should have a public figure which is free from all negative controversies. All the stakeholders should respect him and trust his decisions which he takes for the organisation. A manager can gain this trust by having good communication and persuasion skills, knowledge, decision making skills as well as honesty and kindness in his character.
  • 4. Optimism: A business have to go through a number of ups and downs in its lifetime, the usual process of business cycle. Depressions in the business cycle, if not dealt properly can lead to failure of the firms. One of the most important thing which can lead to failure is employee’s morale and optimism. Therefore, during bad times, the manager should not become depressed. He should keep a positive attitude and think about strategies to deal with those downs. He should also keep his employees motivated and persuade them to work even harder to take the organisation out of bad times faster.
  • 5. Hardworking: As cliché as it may sound, hard-work is the most important aspect of any manager. Employees look at the managers for everything. They are their role models. If the manager is not hardworking himself, employees would just not care. He should be flexible enough to work as many number of hours as is required to get the task done on time. His first priority should be his work.

PS: On a funny note, I would say pick up any Bollywood movie and understand how a manager should be from the hero. Good managers are hardworking like Sultan, have a character like Bahubali, motivating and optimistic like Shahrukh from Chak de India, team work like Happy New Year and decision makers like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

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