Strong Academician

Being a Strong Academician

An academician is a professional person associated with the fields of education and thus provides resources to enhance your knowledge; expand your teaching, research, and publishing prospects and also even promote the understanding of fundamental as well as applied concepts in the respective research area and in good learning practices. However, a strong academician is also a member of an academy or a follower philosophical or artistic for encouraging in the field of art, literature, or science, and also who holds an advanced educational degree by working often as a researcher, lecturer, or professor at any reputed scholarly institution or university.

How to become a strong academician

If one really wants to become a strong academician, then he/she should go through the following steps.

  • If one wants to follow an academic career he/she should start working at a research institution or university with his/her preferred discipline and also should investigate different academic job options by attending educational conferences, meetings, etc.
  • One should also consider meeting with someone who is already in this academic field and he/she also needs to inquire about that person’s educational degree, academic goal, professional or practical experience, etc.
  • He/she needs to fulfill the educational requirement for a career in academia. He/she can also go for further specialization in any specific displine.
  • Generally, most of the academic positions need a PhD degree after finishing Bachelor’s degree as well as Master’s degree.Then different academicians can conduct their original research to publish their findings in research papers or journals.
  • Even side-by-side many strong academicians also start working as teachers in different colleges or conduct universities research for achieving practical or professional experience.
  • Meeting with academic professionals from any related disciplines can also expand your ability to find a suitable job other than enhancing your knowledge. You can even join organizations or attend conferences, seminar, etc. simply to broader your network with fellow academicians.

Roles of a strong academician

Mostly strong academicians prefer to follow a combined role of teaching, research,or administrative responsibilities. Formerly, you will be appointed at the Lecturer grade followed by teaching-only and Research-only posts, which are quite common in academia.

It is important to know that many different educational qualities as well as skills are actually needed to be an academician, which cannot be simply fulfilled with a good PhD degree in order to achieve success or a secured job. A few of these qualities or skills are discussed as under:-

  • If you want to succeed as an academician, it is very much essential to be highly disciplined and organized, also to understand your priorities, and to give enough time for your own research work.
  • Criticism will be associated with every step of your work in the field of academia. Therefore, you should learn to handle criticism by remaining positive and confident in order to resolve issues or establish your views.
  • Presentation skills are also quite crucial and can improve with some good practice. Moreover, most academicians are required to assess their quality of teaching from their own students’ feedback. This will also improve the leadership and management style of a strong academician.

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