Computer Science Engineering

Benefits of Pursuing Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

Computer  engineering is one of the most popular branches of engineering that focuses on the study and development  of computer software and hardware. It is an integrated discipline, consisting of elements of electrical and electronics engineering and computer science. It gives students access to the state-of-the-art  equipments helping them to learn in an interactive way. Some of the important specializations of this branch are software development and testing, microprocessors, microcontrollers, circuit design, hardware and networking etc.

With the rapid technological advancement, the field of computer engineering is also under going changes .

This has resulted in the huge demand of computer engineers, and in order to meet up this demand, these professionals must keep themselves updated with all the aspects of knowledge. You can pursue this course, immediately after the completion of your 10th grade. Various polytechnic colleges in Delhi NCR are offering diploma in computer engineering which is a three years program. These reputed institutes are committed to prepare the aspiring students with adequate technical knowledge and skill sets. They have highly qualified and well-experienced faculty members, drawn from the renowned institutes or directly from the industry, who expose the students to a rigorous course program designed to bring out the best in students, providing them with the latest technologies in the area of computer science.

The advantage of pursuing this program is that you may further go for the B. Tech. degree and in most case certain percentage of the seats are reserved for the diploma certificate holders in the engineering institutes. This kind of entry is known as the lateral entry. In fact, if you score well, then you may make use of the lateral entry and directly join the B. Tech in 2nd academic year. This will offer you an added advantage in terms of knowledge and experience both in the theoretical and practical aspect, as compared to those engineering students who don’t have this diploma certificate. In addition to it you will enjoy more job opportunities both in the government and private sectors and in various fields, especially in the IT industry.

Top polytechnic college in Delhi NCR or elsewhere in the country offer this program for the career oriented student. However, in order to get enrolled into such institutes, you are required to appear for the entrance exam. And, you are eligible for the entrance test only if you have completed your 10th grade with the minimum percentage required, followed by other norms.


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