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Different Ways to Handle Exam Result Pressure Effectively

While waiting for exam results, feeling of stress, fear, panic, anxiety, etc. are quite normal as well as a nerve-wrecking experience, especially when your parents have many expectations. You may also feel nervous on the day of declaration of result. However, too much of stress can be harmful to your peace of mind. Always remember that you cannot alter the outcome, so being stressed is not a solution. Furthermore, you shouldn’t try to compare your results with others or over-analyze your performance. Rather you should take rest, involve yourself in other tasks, and spend quality time with family and friends.

Here are some tips that can easily help you to tackle exam result pressure on or before the exam results day. These tips can be useful even after your exams.

  • Develop positive qualities in yourself:

The brain has the tendency to get negative thoughts and feelings easily. Even depressing thoughts can spoil your mood. Try to avoid these negative thinking by reminding yourself about your achievements, likings, hobbies, your lovable persons, etc. so that you can feel better by de-stressing exam pressure.

  • Try to sit silently for some time:

As you experience the result pressure on the result day or before, you need to spend some quiet moments with yourself by taking a walk and breathe deeply so that you can easily calm down your nerves and combat stress in the present circumstances.

  • Talk about your feelings to others:

If you feel anxious or nervous regarding your exam result, try to talk about it with your friends or family. You can share it with your friends or family, or even write it down in a diary. Talking to someone about your nerves can help you to reduce stress. You can also consult counselors, talk to them freely about anything, and just keep yourself stress-free.

  • Avoid thinking over your performance repeatedly:

Ruminating in your mind or keep replaying your performance in the exams can obsess you with negative thoughts. Try to avoid this habit to keep yourself away from stress, anxiety, or depression.

  • Meditation and exercise:

Practicing meditation can not only improve your concentration and focus but also can make you feel calm, patient and relaxed. Especially when you are feeling stressed. You can also walk, swim or play any sports to fight against exam result pressure. You can also de-stress your body and mind by consuming brain-boosting healthy diets , controlling your body weight and cutting down junk food items from your diet plan.

  • Get enough rest:

A good 6-8 hours of sleep will set you in a good frame of mind to face whatever will be the result. For a better sleep, you can avoid too much caffeine and opt for a relaxing bath in the evening. You can also stay off social media before the exam result day as people can talk only about exam result and it can make you feel more depressed.

  • Try to listen to some soothing music:

Listening to some soft music can uplift your mood easily and help you to handle exam result stress more effectively.



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