Mechanical Engineering

Drive your Career in the Right Path with Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is believed to be the oldest branch of engineering which is why it is known as the ‘mother ‘stream of engineering. Almost every student wants to study Mechanical Engineering because of multiple reasons. Challenging nature of work, huge exposure, and alluring salary package are a few of the main reasons why students want to acquire a Mechanical Engineering degree.

Mechanical Engineering-an Overview:

One of the widest and oldest engineering stream, Mechanical Engineering includes development, designing, manufacture and also use of power-driven devices to resolve mechanical problems.  Usually appointed by manufacturing companies, these engineers have work openings in both public and private sectors. They get placements in PWD, defence, CPWD, Post and Telegraphs. Moreover, they also get good openings outside India.

Panoramic View of Job:

As Mechanical Engineering is the biggest of all engineering branches, the job opportunities especially for the competent mechanical engineers, are truly endless. Mechanical engineers need to plan, test, produce, install, run and also maintain different tools as well as mechanical systems. All these machines are widely used in various industries. So, these professionals can easily get a job in the private and government sector.

Industries that hire mechanical engineers comprise space research, automobiles, air-conditioning, aeronautical, biomechanical and power industries. Other major recruiters include refrigeration industry, gas turbines and shipping industries, aviation and pharmaceutical industries, agricultural and educational sector.

Aspirants can even go for the academic career after completing mechanical engineering. In this job prospect, they will get the chance to teach mechanical engineering in the best engineering colleges.The pay scale is quite good for teaching faculty these days.

In the government division, mechanical engineers have to distribute their knowledge to several projects that are directed by the government. The professionals play the role of consultants and technical experts in such projects. Apart from this, they can also get the opportunity to serve private firms that offer technical assistance to both corporate and government companies.

These engineers often hold managerial posts in private and government organizations. Their educational qualifications and experience determine their positions in office.

International Opportunities:

Those who are highly qualified like graduate/ post-graduates from IITs get a suitable break abroad. If you are working in a multinational firm, then you might get the opportunity to show your talent for offshore projects.

Pay Scale:

A Mechanical Engineer gets INR 12,000-INR 30, 000/- in the beginning. But, the salary varies depending on the company level, location, role, and industry type. If you are appointed by a Multinational Firm, then you can expect that you will get handsome salary package. Likewise, good campus employments also fetch attractive salary packages.

Furthermore, some firms offer salary according to your educational qualifications, experience, expertise, skills and roles and responsibilities which you handled earlier. Normally, professional and highly skilled mechanical engineers can easily bag INR 35,000 – 45, 000 per month.

Follow Tips and Get Better Scope:

If you want to come up with bright colors in this field then follow some simple tips:

  • Complete your post-graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Acquire excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Hold Management degree to brighten the career prospects

So, do study Mechanical Engineering and go ahead in your life with confidence.

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