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Exam Preparation: Infallible Time Management Tips for Students

How to prepare for the examination?  What is the perfect way to answer correctly? What strategies to be adopted to make fewer mistakes?

Yes.. These are the questions that arise before exam preparation. The answer to these questions is how well you manage your time while writing answers.

Following are the tips to manage time while giving an examination and score good marks.

Syllabus  :-Always remember that examiners never set question paper beyond the syllabus. Students should prepare according to the syllabus. In order to score good marks, thorough knowledge about the syllabus is very important.

Practice :-Practice makes a man perfect. Practice writing answers within a stipulated period of time. Depend upon the marks; you have to spend time on writing the answer. In case of long answers, you need not spend more than 20 minutes.

Revision :-Stick revision notes all around your house. You should start revising at least five or six weeks before your exam. Make sure you have enough time for everything you want to revise.

Solve Mock Test Paper:- Always try to solve mock test paper as much as possible. After solving mock test papers, students should check their answer scripts themselves.

Wasting time :-Don’t waste your time. Be aware of when you are wasting your time. Devote more time on completing your syllabus.

To Do list :- Prepare a To Do list comprising the study routine. Write down things you have to do, then decide what to do at the moment and what to schedule for later.

Daily/Weekly planner :- Your study routine should be based on Daily or Weekly basis. Select a chapter and try to finish revision within a day.


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