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Importance of Industrial Exposure in Education

With millions of college-going students presently, India has one of the largest education systems in the world. Most of the common educational programs that almost every student prefers today include medical, engineering, law, or management. Of this, engineering course is the most pursued one. Earlier; much more stress was laid on only theoretical knowledge in the case of engineering study without any emphasis on practical learning. However, this concept has completely changed today. Nowadays, as any engineer graduates have various career opportunities in different fields, it is also important for them to have an industrial exposure before starting their career. Actually, it is the responsibility of teachers to play this vital role in making current engineering education relevant to both business and industry.Thus, most of the new-age engineering institutes are now focusing more on the interdisciplinary as well as practical aspects of engineering education other than the theoretical experiences.

Objectives of industrial exposure in education

Other than providing excellent quality education, different engineering institutes in India are trying to expose their students to industrial aspects and make them industry ready and for this, these institutes have arranged structured programs, projects, industrial training, industrial visits, internships, R&D consultation, guest lectures, etc. with reputed industries. Even, the educational, as well as practical training programs of each of these engineering institutes, are regularly monitored by experts from industries and faculty members so that both the professional and technical skills meet the industrial expectations as well.

Other than different research labs or industries, many engineering institutes in India have tie-up with more than thousands foreign industries or research labs all across the globe simply to fulfilling the criterion of industrial exposure of engineering students before completion of the course. Other aims of industrial exposure for education include the following.

  • Partnering with different industries, students usually get placed in good job profiles in diversified industries
  • Students get opportunities to work with industrial staff, understand their habits and approach towards problem solving
  • To get students familiarized with manufacturing, designing, testing and analysis, products, automation,etc.
  • To help students to gain experience by knowing the structure of any industries, its scope and job responsibility, its departmental functions and much more
  • To help students in developing skills such as Leadership,Team work,Conceptual skill, or Time Management by participating in different national or international level of project competitions

Benefits of industrial exposure in education

  • For students pursuing any professional educations other than engineering like Finance, Marketing, industrial exposure help them to gain hands-on experience on industrial operations and also to witness the functioning of any business and organization
  • Industrial exposure bridges the gap between theoretical training and practical learning and thus helps students to apply their technical knowledge in a real-life environment
  • Industrial exposure provides the students with the opportunity for learning experiences outside the classroom environment and also to work with industrial professionals
  • Industrial exposure also even broadens the outlook of students towards different workforces among various industries by alerting them regarding different rules and regulations as well as varieties of industrial practices

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