Lucrative Career Options for Biotechnology Graduates

If you have completed your 12th grade and seeking guidance for a lucrative career option, then you can opt for a course in biotechnology. It is a technology based on biology which harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes in order to develop techniques and products that improve the lives of living beings. B.Sc. Biotech is offered by many reputed colleges in Delhi NCR. This course includes the fusion of biology and technology that is applied in developing various vaccines, medicines and diagnostics, increasing the productivity of food etc.

As the knowledge in the biology has immensely developed during the past few years, the chief applications of this subject are in the field of pharmaceutical, farming, food processing, environmental technology and so on. Based on the applications, some of the major braches of biotechnology are discussed below:

  • Animal Biotechnology: This branch deals with the expansion of transgenic animals for increased milk and meat production, along with the animals resistance to various diseases. It also includes study in vitro fertilization of egg and transfer of embryo to the womb of female animal for further development.
  • Plant Biotechnology: This branch basically deals with the growth of transgenic plants with the development of haploids, resistance to biotic and abiotic stress and so on. The subject includes concept on genetic engineering and tissue culture.
  • Agriculture: This branch of biotechnology has contributed to the improvements in the area of agriculture like crop, fruits and vegetable production, along with higher yield stressing on the nutritional value and increasing the efficiency of nitrogen fixation in plants.
  • Enviromental Biotechnology: This subject deals with topics such as detoxification of waste and industrial effluents, control of plant diseases through the use of biological medium such as bacteria, fungi, viruses etc.

Today biotechnology is a multidisciplinary subject involving job opportunities as chemists, biologists, engineers and many other specialists. Its scope is vast and these professionals play an essential role in developing the society. Bachelor degree course in biotechnology incorporates both the theoretical and practical aspects, ensuring plenty of job opportunities for a successful career graph.


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